Shabby Gothic Scarf

I don't really think that Shabby Gothic is a style per se - or at least it wasn't until now.

I have a secret love of Shabby Chic. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. All that draped white cotton, old bits of lace and faded rose prints are so darn pretty. Of course the style has nothing at all to do with the reality of my life, how my home is decorated nor how I dress. Especially how I dress. The beautiful shabby chic clothes you see on endless Pinterest boards mostly look good on the young and the willowy – neither of which I am. And I'm not talking the over the top Magnolia Pearl "oh, I think I'll just take this underwear I found in my great granny's attic and wear it with these old work boots and a table cloth" look. But even that has it's own crazy appeal. 

So I thought that perhaps I could re-interpret Shabby Chic to my needs by working in black rather than pale pastels. And I think I might be on to something, except that not all my materials turned out to be as black as I had hoped for this first try (see previous post). 

Altogether, there is a lot to like about how this scarf turned out. It is considerably darker and less contrasty than it appears here as I've lightened the pictures for detail. It's soft, light, a bit stretchy and frames one's face nicely. 

But it took a ridiculous amount of time to make, including crocheting about 50 little dangles for the edging and hand beading the lace trim. And after all that to have it end up looking a bit goth is rather disappointing.

Perhaps it will read better at Hallowe'en or over a black sweater.  Oh well. I've got plenty more black bits and pieces, so its back to the sewing machine for another try I think!

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A couple of people have asked what resource I used for learning to crochet: I found a series of videos by Michael Sellick who has a site called The Crochet Crowd.  He will also be doing some classes at the Creativ Festival next month.


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