A Partial Fail

I've started to put some of those painted and stamped elements from earlier this month into use. My first application has been a partial fail.

This infinity scarf (made from a recycled t shirt) with painted motifs appliqued looks nice and is quite comfortable to wear, but it is a fail in terms of the stiffness of the motifs. The jersey absorbed too much of the fabric paint and therefore the 'hand' of these appliqued elements is much stiffer than the main body of the scarf.

It's not a total fail. It looks OK, the colours are good and it's actually quite nice to wear. I like the obvious hand stitching around the appliqued pieces. It's just that stiffness.


I need to go back to the printing and painting station in the basement and have another go - this time with a lighter approach when working on this kind of fabric.

On the bright side:
One thing is clear here... how much better, more consistent,  my hand sewing has become. I'm inspired to get back to some free form embroidery. I've posted some of my previous embroidery pieces on Pinterest to remind me to do this. You can see them on my Hand Embroidery board here.


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